Orange Cookies D8
Orange Cookies D8

Orange Cookies D8

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Our Orange Cookies Vape Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge offers a premium delta 8 extract, and is absolutely LOADED with terpenes that occur naturally in the hemp plant. It’s double-lab-tested for quality and potency. Deep flavors of orange zest and tropical fruit fill the vapor and get your mouth watering. These vape leave you with a deep body high and a relaxing cerebral feeling that can melt away stress and anxiety. 

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor profile that truly lives up to its name, offering bright, juicy oranges and nutty vanilla cookies in each puff thanks to its beautiful terpene profile. The strain is very beginner-friendly thanks to its mellow effects that include an uplifted mental state and relaxing body high.

Ultra-Clean Hemp in Each Puff

We make our vape cartridges with two ingredients: pure delta 8 distillate and natural terpene extracts.  There are no additives or fillers that get in between you and your hemp experience. The delta 8 THC is psychoactive, so prepare for a gratifying and manageable yet notable high to get you through the next couple of hours feeling absolutely blissed out beyond belief.



 This product is sold without a 510 thread batter. You will need a 510 thread battery to use

****All of the products sold on this website are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill Section 7606. 

Customer Reviews

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Elevates the daily PTSD grind

The transformative and euphoric comforts have been astonishingly helpful for the civilian PTSD I live with (a form of anxiety that involves at least 20% of the adult population when under-reporting of various trauma is taken into account).

As a beginner at vaping, I inadvertently took a big first hit, with all that entails. I had not smoked any weed for 10 years, so it was an adjustment that involved lots of coughing and excess vapor feels. But I recovered fine, and learned some tricks to help moderate inhales.

Research on the endocannabinoid system (eCBS) shows that cannabis can nourish it and thus reduce aversive memories and create "fear extinction" along with memory reconsolidation. Studies have used d9 not d8, that is still to come. My personal experience is that d8, indica-dominant THC, is truly regenerative, with none of the weird side-effects of d9 or SSRIs.

Orange cookies is just a faint hint of natural orange sweetness, very subtle actually. One post-dinner puff is all I need for rejuvenation, deep sleep, and a lingering calm the whole next day. I sleep longer with d8, and have to plan accordingly to stay on top of my work-life balancing, and I'm fine with that! D8 is wonderful for physiological regulation, and Orange Cookies goes very well with excellent music.

sara smith
I would rate it a 10 star product!

The difference between Nam products and others is apparent the minute you try one of these vapes. For the past month I have been sampling several Delta 8 vapes carts from a variety of companies. Then I found NAM Wellness Center. LOOK NO FURTHER. These vapes are in a word- perfection. Hard hitting (you forget it's 600mg, it hits you like 1000) and the cartridge is so HIGH QUALITY even the most cantankerous vape pen will cooperate. Like julie, I am a devoted customer and will spread the word. The price certainly is worth it. I can't praise your products enough.

Amazing product

I have tried several delta 8 carts, but today I received the orange cookies cart. I am a medical patient in NYS, there is NOTHING at the dispensaries that even come close to this product. My pain is completely gone after a 5 second draw from this vape. I also got the sampler pack of the cbd infused flower and I can not believe how amazing this is. Thank you for all you continue to do, you have such a great business. I will continue to tell everyone I know about your site, the great customer service and the super fast shipping! (i know that you have nothing to do with the post office being slower than a snail!)

Joe H
Are you kidding me??

DAMN!! I smoked good weed 45 years before quitting completely 3 years ago. I never used a cart for anything but ecig liquid. 1st hit I took off the D8 sent me to the clouds. I hit it WAY too hard. Reminded me of hash under glass (how many remember that). Now I just take 1 slow 2-3 second hit at 10W. Taste is fantastic. A few hits of CBD after the D8 almost completely erases my low back & sciatica pain. Long lasting relief with a few hits CBD now & then.
I'm using a Geekvape Aegis X mod. Don't screw cart all the way down tight. The air holes will get blocked. Carts are excellent quality glass.
If you never used something like more careful than I was. Hopefully NAM will get more in stock. BIG recommendation!!

Perfect combo

Perfect combo of flavor, terpenes and hard hit. This is delta 8 done right