Can I Mix & Match Different Nam Wellness Hemp Products?

Nam Wellness couldn’t be prouder to offer such an amazing selection of top-quality hemp-based products.  We have worked hard to bring you as wide of a selection as possible of in-demand cannabinoids, strains, product types, flavors, milligram strengths, and more, because everyone has their own hemp-related goals in mind.

But, with such a large selection, it can be hard to pick just one hemp product to commit to as part of a routine.  That leaves many of our customers wondering if it’s okay to take multiple hemp products together – say, a delta 8 THC vape with a CBD gummy.  Well, we are here to answer that question.

Is it Dangerous to Combine Hemp Products?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: hemp is nontoxic to the body, so there is no risk of a dangerous interaction or toxic overdose when it comes to taking multiple hemp products at the same time.  The worst thing that could happen is getting too high from taking two full servings of powerful psychoactive cannabinoids together, like, say, THC-O-Acetate (THC-O) and delta 9 THC.  And, even that’s a relatively short-lived side effect that people can simply wait out until it passes.

None of our products are dangerous to mix together, but you do need to take your tolerance into consideration.  For instance, taking two full servings of two delta 8 products together means you’re going to get significantly more intoxicated than taking just one, so make sure that your THC tolerance can handle that before doubling up, so you can experience a high that’s enjoyable from beginning to end.

Then, there are times when we actually recommend taking two products.  Maybe the best example would be our CBD gummies combined with our CBD Pain Cream

  • CBD Gummies can provide physical relief in the more holistic sense.
  • CBD Topicals zone in on the most painful areas of the body, delivering targeted and localized effects.

Together, these two hemp-infused products can offer a more substantial form of relief to your aches and pains.

Also, we need to mention that before taking multiple hemp-based products (THC-free or not), you should speak with your doctor initially, even if you already spoke to him before about trying hemp for the first-time.

What Happens When You Mix and Match Different Cannabinoids and Formulas?

We wish there was a simple way to tell you what to expect when you mix & match different hemp products, but the reality is that there are loads of variables at play – like combining two strains of hemp that can result in completely one-of-a-kind effects.  Let’s instead, share the things that should be taken into consideration when selecting your new favorite Nam Wellness product duos.

#1: Consider the Amount of Each Product You Take

Obviously, serving size and milligram strength matter a lot.  Smoking an entire pre-roll of delta 8 flower along with a full serving of delta 8 gummies means you’re in for a powerful high in all likelihood, while taking half a delta 8 gummy and a few puffs of a pre-roll means a more mellow experience. 

#2: Consider What You Want Out of a Hemp Experience

Before mixing and matching different products at Nam Wellness, ask yourself what your goals are by taking cannabinoids.  Are you trying to relax more than anything else?  If so, pairing some soothing delta 8 flower with a CBD gummy could be a great way to go, with cannabidiol offsetting some of the more powerful psychoactive effects of delta 8 THC.  If you’re looking to get intoxicated and find a sense of euphoria, some THC-O plus delta 10 THC could be your new favorite combo.

#3: Timing Makes a Difference

Of course, when you take each product will make a difference.  Consuming a CBD gummy in the morning and smoking some delta 8 flower at night, for example, means that the two products will never be effective in the system at the same time.  But, taking two products at the same time can mean feeling the effects of two cannabinoids at once. 

Remember too that each product has its own onset time and duration of effects.  As an example, a gummy can take 2 hours to kick in, so taking a couple puffs off of some flower or vape and taking a gummy at the same time can mean that the effects of the gummy are only kicking in once the effects of the flower or vape are already wearing off.

#4: Try Experimenting with Different Ratios

Once you do pick some different products to mix and match, consider exploring different ratios: for instance, if you’re going to combine different types of flower, consider a 2:1 ratio of CBD to, say, delta 8, then a 1:1, and then a 1:2, to see which one ends up being your unique sweet spot.  Don’t be afraid to really experiment, since the ratio is almost as important as the individual products that you end up picking.

#5: Each Delivery Method Matters

Finally, remember that different delivery methods affect us differently.  For instance, a CBD cream isn’t going to have any influence over your mood, so throwing that into the mix will have no bearing on how the other product makes you feel, mentally.  And, like we said, different product types can give you different lengths of time and onset times during which you experience those effects, which all come into play.

Enjoy a New Hemp Product Combo at Nam Wellness

Overall, Nam Wellness products can be enjoyed on their own or as combinations that offer a more personalized approach to experiencing the hemp plant.  All of our products are ultimately gentle on the body, and completely nontoxic, so you can mix and match freely without worrying about any potential harmful effects.

If you’re ready to enjoy a product combo, once again, we recommend asking yourself what you want when you consume hemp.  Some people, for example, are strictly looking for pain relief, while others are simply seeking out the most enjoyable and uplifting high possible.  Then, look through our variety of products, taking into account things like strains, potency levels and, of course, the cannabinoids themselves, in order to discover complementary formulas that can take your experience to the next level.

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