Do Identical Delta 8 THC Milligram Strengths Actually Differ Per Product Type/Delivery Method?

When talking about delta 8 THC, we can go on and on about its exciting effects, offering a soothing high that can really help you feel grounded and at ease when you need it the most.  But, most users aren’t gonna get very far with those effects if they’re not taking the right amount of delta 8.  Hence, it’s important to be conscious of how much you take.  Why?  Well, in order to enjoy the full extent for which delta 8 is famously capable of.

You see, delta 8 products often come in milligram strength options – this is particularly the case with gummies and tinctures, for example.  But, each product type has its own absorption rate into the body, which is why we need to adjust the number of milligrams we take based on the product type that we’re taking.  This might sound complicated, but we’re about to make it really simple for you to know how much to take of each product type to achieve the best results possible.

What the Milligram Strength Means and Why It Even Matters

The milligram strength of a delta 8 product simply refers to the number of milligrams we take/consume per serving, which’s different from the dosage amount.  How many milligrams we take/consume determines how potent the dosage is, and you’re just not going to get a true delta 8 THC experience if the milligram amount is too low. 

  • Edibles are easy to dose by milligram strength, since each piece contains the same amount of delta 8 – for instance, 50mg per gummy.
  • Vapes are a little trickier since there’s a number of total milligrams in, say, a vape cartridge, but how big your puffs of vapor are determining the actual number of milligrams you’re taking in per vape session.

To make things easier for the user, most companies provide dosing directions on their label.  This way, the user can take enough delta 8 to get the desired results, but not take so much that they’re uncomfortably intoxicated.  Most people recommend that beginners start with a low milligram amount and build their way up since their low tolerance may not be prepared for the stronger intoxicating effects of delta 8 quite yet.

Navigating the World of Milligram Strengths Depending on Product Type/Delivery Method

Selecting the right milligram strength depends on a few things, such as, once again, how potent you actually want your delta 8 THC experience to be or even your body weight.  Still, overall, most people can just follow the directions on the label and know that generally speaking, they’re taking a good amount for their needs.

Another thing to consider is the delivery method.  The delivery method of a delta 8 product refers to the way in which the cannabinoid is “delivered” into the body.  This can be through the lungs (like when we smoke flower, vape, and dab), through ingestion (by consuming a gummy, capsules, or any other type of edible good), or through the sublingual tissue (tincture, oral sprays, syrups, etc.). 

Essentially, the delivery method tells us not only where delta 8 THC absorbs into the bloodstream, but how much of it absorbs.  For instances:

  • Inhaling delta 8 offers the highest absorption rate, which’s why the effects tend to feel potent and take effect quickly.
  • Ingesting delta 8 has the lowest absorption rate, which’s why the effects may feel a bit milder and take far longer to kick in.

This also mean that vaping 50 milligrams of delta 8 will feel a lot more potent than eating a 50mg gummy. 

Now, what we do then, is adjust the amount that’s being consumed in terms of milligram amount, to make up for this.  This way, we’re always taking the proper amount of delta 8 for a thoroughly enjoyable high – no matter how it’s being absorbed into the system.

Milligram Strength According to Delivery Method

Since you have a better idea that the same milligram strength can feel different between product types, time to offer up a general dosing guidelines per delivery method, keeping in mind what we now know about delivery methods and absorption rates.

Delivery Method #1: Vapes (Disposables and Cartridges)

All vaping products absorb in the same way, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a cartridge or a disposable device – the general dosing guidelines are the same.  A standard cartridge, no matter the type, usually contains a full gram of vape oil.  This comes out to about 1000 milligrams of pure hemp in each cartridge.  There are about 100 puffs in a milliliter, which comes out to about 10mg per puff, give or take depending on how you inhale.  Most people find that just 1 or 2 puffs of delta 8 supplies plenty of satisfaction, since the absorption rate is so high that the effects are very potent, and fast-acting.

Delivery Method #2: Flower/Pre-Rolls

Flower involves inhaling delta 8, just like vapes.  But, flower is different because flower doesn’t have any sort of measured amount that we can portion out, such as a 1ml cartridge, which gives us an idea of how many milligrams we’re consuming per puff.  So instead, we just consider the same dosing guidelines as we do with vapes.  Basically, 1-2 puffs provides a nice, mild high for many, although you can go with a higher amount if you so choose.

Delivery Method #3: Edibles (Gummies, Candies, Beverages, etc.)

Edibles absorb much more slowly than inhalable products.  Besides that, with edibles, we don’t fully absorb the product since a good amount of it goes straight to metabolization.  This is why edibles usually come in the highest milligram strength options.  This ensures that we’re increasing the amount that gets fully absorbed into the system.  Most delta-8 edibles contain between 25mg-50mg per piece.

Delivery Method #4: Tinctures

We figure out the number of milligrams in a delta-8 tincture by dividing the number of milliliters in the bottle by the number of milligrams.  For example, a 1000mg delta 8 tincture in a 30ml bottle contains about 33mg per serving.  Hence, 20mg-33mg is the standard amount for a tincture, which makes sense since the absorption rate of a tincture is about right in the middle between edibles and inhalable products.


Main Takeaway: Whenever you try a new Nam Wellness Delta 8 product, simply consider readjusting how much you take based on how that said product absorbs into the body, as this way, you will always know that you’re absorbing enough pure delta 8 THC to get those desired effects.

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