How Has CBD Transformed and Grown Over the Past 10 Years?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become such a staple of our daily lives that it is hard to believe it has only been a little over a decade since many of us tried this cannabinoid initially.  Plus, it’s safe to say that the CBD market has evolved quite a bit since it first entered our awareness.  If we consider all of the developments over the last decade, clearly, the impressiveness for just how much has changed in such a short period of time will simply blow your mind.

More Research into the Hemp Plant

Growing interest in CBD products has led to a whole new wave of clinical research into the valuable effects of the cannabinoid, and this has benefited us in incredible ways.  Research exploring cannabidiol has given even more legitimacy to the industry, while showing us new ways to use the compound to improve our daily lives.  Also has given companies the ability to develop new CBD-infused products that’re as effective as possible based on discoveries made by researchers.

Improved Technology

Since the beginning days of the hemp industry, technology has changed dramatically in all kinds of ways. 

  • We have better means of breeding the hemp plant, extracting the hemp plant and formulating products to be as bioavailable as possible.
  • We have distillation methods that ensure a pure, isolated cannabinoid extract that can be infused into all kinds of formulas.
  • We have water-soluble extraction methods that allow for better absorption into the body.
  • There are even advanced chromatographic techniques that allow us to discover new compounds in the hemp plant that we didn’t even know existed.

A Wider Selection of Product Types

Hard to believe that not that long ago, the CBD market mainly offered two product types: gummies and tinctures.  Vapes were harder to find, and topicals barely existed at all – not to mention the wide availability of flower, concentrates and more.  Now, the market offers everything we could possibly ask for – a huge range of delivery methods and product types, with lots of strains, milligram strengths and flavors to choose from. 

Not only that, but CBD products can contain other cannabinoid distillates, and other active ingredients that work synergistically with the cannabinoid to introduce very targeted effects, like improved sleep, better mood, and less physical discomfort.

More Accessibility

Yes, cannabidiol has become more accessible than ever before, with an influx of retailers carrying hemp products so that consumers can have an easier time finding it.  Combine that with how more efficient manufacturing methods have lowered the retail cost, in order for more people to introduce CBD into their routines without having to worry about blowing their budgets, and you really get something special here.

Higher Competition

The hemp industry has become so popular that countless companies have popped up around the country in a short number of years.  This is a positive thing, because more competition means higher standards overall.  Nowadays, companies must work extra hard to compete, and so you’re far less likely to find subpar formulas than you were ten years ago.  Helping that is the fact, today’s CBD consumers are more educated, and even have higher standards themselves that make brands more accountable.

Safety and Quality Standards

Another big positive change in the hemp industry over the last decade is the development of industry-maintained safety and quality standards.  Nowadays, third-party lab-testing is a critical key to selling hemp products.  Thus, ensuring that they’re free of contaminants and harmful impurities.  Companies are also more transparent with customers about how their products are crafted, offering more traceability than they did when the industry was first getting started.  This gives customers a sense of trust that makes them more likely to give cannabidiol a try.

Overall, the World of CBD Just Keeps Getting Better it Seems!

Along with all of the ways in which the hemp market has evolved in 10 years, another thing that has changed is the demand, which has allowed the industry to be more accepted, while opening people’s minds up to the many ways in which cannabidiol can improve their daily lives.  And, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, meaning that things can only get better and better from here.

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