How Should Delta 8 Smell?

Delta 8 products are easy to find on the hemp market, and there are seemingly endless amounts of different types of formulas that use delta 8 as their primary active ingredient.  This is why it’s so difficult to answer a common question such as this: “what should delta 8 smell like?”, because we recognize that the smell is usually used to determine the quality of a product, coupled with whether or not it’s authentic and high in quality. 

Not All Delta 8 Products Smell Alike

There are different reasons that can affect the aroma of a specific formula.  Still, your delta 8 product should smell fresh, and should not have a stale, rotten or mildewy odor of any kind.  If you detect that your delta 8 product isn’t fresh or has “gone bad” in some sort of way, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

Now, before we get into the reasons below on how and why this can happen, keep in mind that NAM Wellness crafts delta 8 products to be as fresh as possible, so you can always expect an overall favorable aroma.  Plus, our products contain terpenes in specific strains, which allows users to enjoy the full aroma profile that the hemp plant has to offer.

#1: The Delivery Method

For instance, delta 8 vaping products typically contain no filler ingredients or additives whatsoever and will basically smell like the hemp plant.  Meanwhile, delta 8 edibles such as gummies will have a distinctively sweet smell.

#2: Terpenes or No Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant that offer their own properties alongside cannabinoids, and for this reason, many delta 8 products contain terpenes.  Beyond providing useful properties to the body, terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the hemp plant.  So, when you smell a delta-8 product that smells like hemp, this means that the product contains terpenes.

That being said, some delta 8 products do not contain terpenes.  Delta 8 THC on its own is odorless and flavorless, as are all cannabinoids.  So, if your delta-8 product smells like nothing at all, this is a good way to know that it doesn’t have terpenes.

#3: Strain Type

Delta 8 products made with terpenes can still vary in aroma from one formula to the next, because of the strain of the product.  The hemp’s breed is referred to as its strain, and so, it has a unique configuration of terpenes.  Due to every terpene then, having its own aromatic notes, each strain has a distinctive aroma profile that can be anything from sweet and fruity to sour and earthy. 

#4: Potency Level

Delta 8 products that do contain terpenes will have a stronger plant-like aroma the more potent they are.  Delta 8 products come in different milligram strengths, and this strength number reflects the amount of pure hemp extract in the formula.  The more potent the product, the stronger the smell of terpenes will be. 

#5: Other Ingredients

Of course, the other ingredients in a delta 8 product will have an effect on the smell.  Gummies will smell like their flavor, for example, which can vary greatly from one gummy to the next.  However, delta 8 gummies should never have a strong artificial or chemical smell, as this can indicate that the gummies are made with low-quality ingredients.

#6: That Said Product’s Age

As a delta 8 product ages, its aroma will naturally get weaker and weaker as the compounds begin to break down due to oxidization.  Not only will the terpenes in the product become fainter, but so will the smells of any other ingredients, such as the flavoring ingredients found in gummies. 

In fact, different delta 8 products have their own shelf life:

  • Vapes: Usually last for up to 2 years, as the compounds of hemp are stable for about this long.
  • Edibles: Have a shorter shelf life because of the non-hemp ingredients that can break down sooner, with most gummies being good for 4 to 6 months depending on the specific ingredients used in the formula.
  • Flower (Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls): Typically is ‘good’ for up to 8 months, unlike the extracted products above, which tend to last longer, since the extraction process can preserve the compounds to put it simply.

#7: How It Was Stored

While each product does have a shelf life, ultimately, improper storage methods can make the product expire sooner by introducing factors into the product that cause the formula to break down more quickly.  Delta 8 products stored in hot, bright, or humid environments will degrade faster, as will products that are not properly sealed in an airtight fashion.  Also, products that have somehow become contaminated can have a mildewy or rancid odor that is a clear sign that the product should be discarded immediately.

#8: The Purification Process

Companies that make delta products can employ a variety of unique purification processes to remove specific unwanted compounds found in the plant material from the final extract that will be used to make their formulas.  Some companies undergo more involved purification processes than others.  Just remember this: the more intensive the purification process, the weaker the “plant-like” smell of the product will be.


To Sum It All Up: Sometimes, the smell of a certain delta 8 product can say it all, and it’s up to you to figure out what it could mean.

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