How to Fix a Leaky Hemp Vape Cartridge

There’s really nothing like a hemp vape cartridge.  After all, hemp vape carts are fast-acting, potent, and can be an easy way to enjoy our favorite cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the day.  It’s no wonder why then, cartridges continue to be the most popular type of hemp-based product on the marketplace.  But, while cartridges are generally constructed quite well and rely on quality technology, once in a while, they do leak.  Fortunately, in most cases, this doesn’t mean you need to throw out your cartridge and purchase a new one.

Why Do Some Hemp Vape Cartridges Leak?

First, let’s point out that a leaking hemp vape cartridge is very rare.  As time goes on, cartridges get more advanced, and today’s models are designed to prevent leaks as much as possible.  Still, there is always the chance of human error, either on your part as the user, or on the part of the manufacturer. 

So, what are the most common reasons for a leaking hemp vape cart?

Reason #1: Getting Overfilled

Sometimes, you will end up with a cartridge that was overfilled by the manufacturer.  If the vape oil exceeds a certain amount, it has nowhere to go but outside of the cartridge.  Usually, it will come out of the mouthpiece, which in turn, you end up with a mouth full of vape oil.  Yuck!

Reason #2: You’re Pulling Too Hard or Too Much

The most common cause for a leak is the user pulling on the mouthpiece too hard, or even taking too many puffs one after another.  Both of these cases cause the coil inside the cartridge to lose its ability to catch up to the demands of the vaper, since the coil has to have a chance to heat the vape oil so that it can be converted into vapor.  The result?  A mouth full of vape oil.  Again, yuck!

Reason #3: It’s Not Tight Enough

If vape oil is leaking out the bottom of the cartridge, it could be that a piece isn’t screwed on tightly enough, which again, is the fault of the manufacturer, unless you have been tampering with the cartridge yourself.

Reason #4: Was Crafted Poorly

Yes, a poorly made cartridge can cause leak issues.  It can be that the outer metal/stainless-steel construction is faulty, the Pyrex glass was cracked, or the cart contains a cheap coil that burns out quickly, and simply loses its ability to turn the vape oil into vapor.

Is a Leaking Hemp Vape Cartridge Dangerous?

A leaking cartridge, thankfully, isn’t dangerous.  Rather, it’s just an annoyance.  That’s not to say that it isn’t messy, of course.  What could be potentially dangerous is if the leaked vape oil somehow gets consumed by a child or a pet.  This means that if your coil is leaking, you need to be aware of where the vape oil is leaking onto.

How to Fix a Leaking Hemp Vape Cartridge

So, now you need to know which remedies work for a leaking cartridge.  Of course, the key is also preventing it, hence why you should only buy high-quality cartridges from trusted brands that are known to sell vape carts that don’t come with leaking problems, like from NAM Wellness.

Tip #1: Go Easy with Your Inhales

First, make sure that you manage your vaping sessions in a way that doesn’t cause leaks.  Be conscious of how hard you’re pulling on the mouthpiece, and avoid chain-vaping, as, like we said earlier, both of these things can cause oil to leak out of the mouthpiece.  Taking big, long and deep inhales can definitely lead to vape oil leaking into your mouth, as can hitting your vape nonstop.

Tip #2: Check to Make Sure the Cartridge is Tight

If a leak is coming out of the bottom of the cartridge, you’ll want to check all of the individual parts to make sure that they’re screwed tightly.  This is also why you should never try to take a cartridge apart yourself – it’s easy to break the seals that connect the components, causing inevitable leaks that can’t be fixed since the cartridge is now damaged.

What Should You Do if a Hemp Vape Cartridge Arrives But is Already Leaking?

In the event that your hemp vape cartridge is leaking in the package that it arrived in, just contact the manufacturer immediately.  This would mean that the product is defective, and so, should be eligible for an exchange.  Make sure that you keep the product in its original package, unused, since once it’s opened, the manufacturer may no longer be able to honor your request.

Pesky Leaking Cartridge Issues Can Be Fixed, So You Can Resume Enjoying Your Hemp Vape Oil to the Last Drop!

No doubt, a leaking hemp vape cartridge can be messy and frustrating, and besides that, it can cause you to waste precious e-liquid.  So, once again, your best bet is to stick to a trusted manufacturer, and simply treat your cartridge with care by never tampering with it, and monitoring how you pull.  Overall, most leaks are easy to prevent, and easy to repair.


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