Is Delta 8 THC Good For Your Digestive System?

Many of us struggle with some type of issue pertaining to the digestive system from time to time, whether it be bloating, indigestion or low appetite due to all kinds of factors.  Supporting the digestive system is a key component to maintaining good overall health, as a digestive tract that is compromised in any way can not only cause local symptoms such as intestinal cramping or nausea, but can negatively impact our energy levels, concentration, immune system, and more.

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant that’s being researched for its unique properties, and some of the early findings are pointing to qualities that relate to the digestive system.  And, since delta 8 is a naturally-derived, nontoxic plant compound that’s generally gentle on the body, would it still be good to take then for our digestive system?  Let’s find out.

Common Ailments Pertaining to the Digestive System

The digestive system is a major system of the body that allows the body to consume, process and metabolize food.  Within the digestive system are a number of vital organs including the intestines, stomach, gall bladder and liver.  When we consume food, it works its way down the digestive tract, with its nutrients being absorbed into the body while the rest turns into waste. 

Due to the complex and expansive nature of the digestive system, there are many symptoms that can result from a digestive system in distress. 

  • Nausea/Low appetite: Often occur at the same time, and can result from circumstances including pregnancy and taking certain medications. Both of these symptoms can cause a person to consume less than the amount of food they need each day in order to maintain good overall health.
  • Intestinal Inflammation: Relatively common and can result from factors such as a compromised immune system, exposure to food allergens, stress, and excessive alcohol consumption. Examples of inflammatory conditions of the intestines are irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis.
  • Indigestion: A temporary condition affecting the upper gastrointestinal tract, which causes a feeling of fullness and discomfort at the topmost part of the abdomen. It can result from eating highly acidic foods, eating too much food or eating too quickly, and those with more sensitive digestive systems may be very prone to indigestion.
  • Bloating/Gas: Experiencing this, especially shortly after eating, can be a symptom of intestinal inflammation, but it may also occur if a person simply eats a lot of foods that cause gas, such as foods high in sugar, and even dairy.

Delta 8 THC: Its Properties That May Impact the Digestive System

Like all cannabinoids that come from cannabis, this compound has the job of binding to cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the body, which directly allows for individual processes of the body to become regulated in terms of their functionality.  Cannabinoid receptors belong to the endocannabinoid system, which has the important job of keeping the body in a state of homeostasis.

Only a small number of studies have been done to show the specific effects of taking delta 8, because the cannabinoid is still quite new to the market.  But, with the research that is available, we can clearly see that the cannabinoid offers some unique properties to the digestive system in particular.


Researchers have found that taking delta 8 may stimulate the appetite, which can be helpful to individuals who struggle to consume enough calories and nutrients each day to remain in good general health. 

Antiemetic Properties

Delta 8 THC seems to offer properties that may combat nausea, in a way that can make a person consume food more comfortably.  Chronic nausea can be overwhelming, and many underestimate the distress that it can cause.  Note that if you are a pregnant woman who is considering delta 8 for nausea, it is absolutely imperative that you speak to your regular doctor and OBGYN, as it has not yet been established whether or not delta-8 is safe for pregnant women.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Delta 8 THC may offer anti-inflammatory properties, like many other cannabinoids, as it seems to have the ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors that pertain to localized inflammation.  This may be useful to those with inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract, that may cause intestinal discomfort and other unwanted symptoms like chronic bloating.

Using Delta 8 THC for the Digestive System

Although the unique effects of delta 8 THC are still being researched, we do know so far that this cannabinoid holds a lot of promise when it comes to its relationship with our digestive system.  So, anyone interested in finding out what delta 8 may be able to do for their digestive system should develop a routine that is specifically geared for supporting digestive functions.  There are all kinds of delta 8 products available at NAM Wellness, not to mention a number of different ways to take it pertaining to dosage, delivery method, and more.

However, before and during your delta 8 usage, there are some key things to keep in mind.

#1: Ask Your Doctor

Ultimately, any time you start a new routine for your health, you must talk to your doctor.  Make them aware that you would like to take delta 8 THC, and also get their opinion Remember, if you are on any medications, you should go over this carefully with your doctor, because delta 8 may suppress an enzyme known as CYP3A4 that breaks down many common medications.

#2: Consider an Oral Delivery Method

It is best to go with an oral method, such as delta 8 gummies.  This delivery method allows the delta to travel through the digestive tract, which in turn makes direct contact with cannabinoid receptors.

#3: Take Delta 8 Daily (unless told otherwise by a medical professional or get a reaction after taking delta 8)

Delta 8 THC’s effects may be cumulative, meaning that the longer and more consistently you take it, the more effective it is.  Therefore, consider taking a dose of the cannabinoid once a day.

#4: Choose a Milligram Strength Based on Your Personal Needs

Delta 8 comes in different milligram strengths, reflecting how potent each dose is.  For any newbies out there, you should start with a low strength to get used to its intoxicating effects.  On the flip side, you can increase the strength (as tolerated) to experience more potent properties over a certain period of time if needed.

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