Is THCO More Indica or Sativa Acting?

Of all of the “new” cannabinoids to come out on the hemp market in the past couple of years, one that continues to reign supreme is THCO – also known as THCO-Acetate.  This fascinating, potent, and one-of-a-kind hemp derivative offers a high that is truly distinctive, and unlike anything else you can get from cannabis. 

THCO is well-known for being very potent compared to delta 9 THC, let alone delta 8 THC, but what does the high actually feel like?  To help you better understand, we’ll describe it in the context of something a lot of hemp enthusiasts are familiar with, which is indica vs. sativa strains.  So, does THCO behave more like an indica or a sativa? 

What You Need to Know About THCO

THCO-Acetate is a relatively new cannabinoid on the hemp market, having been around for a couple of years.  Because of that, many people are surprised to learn that it was actually developed in the 1940s and studied by the United States Military, with the intent of using a cannabinoid capable of incapacitation.  THCO is not a naturally occurring compound in cannabis, but rather a semi-synthesized cannabinoid, meaning that it begins with a natural cannabinoid – delta 9 THC – and then an acetate is added to it, changing its chemical structure, and thus changing how it absorbs into the body.

THCO-Acetate is estimated to be 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, and that’s kind of a big deal.  Basically, most people should expect an extremely powerful high, and consider going lightly on the dose.  Not only that, but THCO is reportedly capable of inducing feelings of powerful euphoria, a couchlock-inducing high, and even mild psychedelic effects that are mainly visual.

Indicas and Sativas: What These Terms Mean

Before we answer the key question, we need to explain the difference between “indica” and “sativa” for those who might not be familiar.  The distinctive composition of terpenes and cannabinoids in any given cultivar of cannabis is referred to as its “strain.”  Because each compound in hemp promotes its own effects, each strain can introduce a high that’s unique.

The two main types of strains are sativa and indica:

  • Sativa strains are high in terpenes that produce feelings of being uplifted, energized, creative, social, and alert. They can come with heavy cerebral effects that make a person feel hazy or giggly. 
  • Indica strains generally deliver a strong body high, which can cause the limbs to feel heavy. They can also make a person feel drowsy, or relaxed, hence why they’re more commonly enjoyed in the evening and nighttime hours.

Is THCO More Like an Indica or a Sativa?

So, if THCO had to be compared to an indica or a sativa, which one would it be?  Well, it actually has elements of both.  Its powerful cerebral high might be described as sativa-like, since it can make a person feel euphoric, and stimulate some psychedelic effects as well, like we said earlier.  Some people do say that they feel something of an energy rush when they use THCO products, although that’s not something that everyone gets out of the cannabinoid.

Simultaneously, the powerful body high effect someone derives from THCO-Acetate could be described as indica-like.  Indica strains are most commonly associated with couchlock, and THCO can definitely lead to that sensation of being glued to the couch.

What Can Affect Your THCO High

Here’s the thing about pretty much any intoxicating cannabinoid: two people can take THCO-Acetate at the same time, and ultimately experience two totally different-feeling highs.  There are a lot of variables involved when we take THCO, all of which can determine a lot about how you feel once the cannabinoid is active in the system. 

So, what are those variables then?

A Product’s Strain

Obviously, if you’re buying a THCO product that comes in a choice of strains, it’s the strain’s classification as an indica or a sativa that’s going to determine a lot of how you feel.  If you’re, say, vaping THCO in an indica strain, then yes, the THCO will feel like it’s leaning more indica.  Not every THCO product comes in different strains, but the most common ones that do are vapes, flower, and dabs (concentrates).

Product Type

Even the product type can have an impact.  For instance, products that are inhaled, like vapes and flower, typically introduce stronger cerebral effects, while edibles may produce a stronger body high, with the latter feeling more like an indica experience.

How You’re Feeling When You Take THCO

Don’t be surprised if your state of mind largely affects your high.  If you go into a THCO experience feeling super upbeat and energized, then the cannabinoid’s effects may just intensify those feelings, giving you a more sativa-leaning high.  If you take THCO at bedtime when you’re already sleepy, then you may get an experience that leans more toward an indica.  And, physiological factors can affect your high.  For example, it’s not uncommon to notice that the high feels totally different if you’re menstruating, because of the way in which hormones influence the way in which cannabinoids affect our nervous systems.

Other Compounds Affecting Your System

Other compounds in your system can certainly alter the course of your THCO high.  For instance, if you took THCO with other cannabinoids, that can definitely affect what you end up feeling like.  Delta 8 THC is a soothing, mellowing cannabinoid, and mixing it with THCO could result in something that feels more like an indica experience.  Non-cannabis compounds can also influence your THCO experience, like caffeine, which could make your high more energized and focus-enhancing, like a sativa.

Your Tolerance

Your tolerance to the effects of THCO and other psychoactive cannabinoids matters.  If you have a very low tolerance, the high will hit you much harder.  In fact, a lot of beginners say that THCO feels more like a sativa, because its cerebral effects can feel so strong to first-timers that they feel powerfully stimulated.

THCO: A Unique, Blissful High Awaits

At the end of the day, whether your THCO-Acetate high feels more like a sativa or an indica depends on too many factors for us to be able to provide a simple answer.  What matters is that you consider all of the variables above, and use that information to pick out the strain, product type, and so on, to customize your experience.  THCO can be an extremely gratifying cannabinoid in a number of ways, so we encourage you to try it for yourself at Nam Wellness, and simply see for yourself what its unique and fascinating effects are like.

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