Nam Wellness Quarterly Strain Spotlight: Forbidden Fruit – Bringing Some Incredible and Tranquil Effects!

Forbidden Fruit is regarded as one of the most sought-after strains of all time, and what was once a rarity on the market has become an in-demand cultivar that’s accessible more than ever before.  Renowned for its balanced nature and potency, as well as its dazzling flavor, it’s a strain that has it all, and one you soon won’t forget.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Basics

Forbidden Fruit comes from crossing Cherry Pie and Tangie, which allows for a pretty impressive cultivar given the prestige of both of its parents.  This also tells you exactly why the flavor profile is so magnificent, as these two parent strains are known as some of the all-time tastiest.  Forbidden Fruit is a 70% indica, 30% sativa strain, and it seems to yield about 23 to 26% THC, making it significantly potent.

Bud Characteristics

Forbidden Fruit is known for its big, fluffy and lumpy buds that have a pebbly shape and resemble popcorn.  The buds are dense and lopsided, and quite distinctive looking.  The dark forest green hue is extremely bright and vibrant, with bold, almost neon orange hairs offering a thick coating with waves of gold.  Mint-green crystals coat the buds as well, being particularly sparkly and dense, and giving the flower a sticky feel.  Overall, the buds are extremely beautiful and unique in appearance.

Flavor and Aroma

It’s hard to deny that Forbidden Fruit is a magnificently tasty cultivar.  In fact, that’s reason alone to give it a try.  It has notes of juicy cherries, forest-fresh berries, and brightly zesty citrus, all coming together to entrance your palate with sweetness and tang.  There is also a pine note in the background, present in both flavor and aroma, along with a sugary quality that becomes stronger when the buds are burning.


Forbidden Fruit can be grown either indoors or outdoors, with a flowering period of up to 10 weeks when grown indoors.  It produces medium to high yields as mentioned earlier.


Forbidden Fruit is an uplifting cultivar that can put a smile on your face and lift your spirits.  It’s also a strain that can give you couchlock, so bear that in mind, especially if you are trying to consider when to take it.  Because of this, it’s ultimately considered an evening strain, as well as one to enjoy when you feel like having a lazy afternoon spent watching movies or TV.  It also works great as a bedtime treat.

What to Expect

Forbidden Fruit is a pretty fast-acting strain that can slam into you moments after you put it down, and even lift you into a dreamy state in no time.  Because of this combined with its potency, it can definitely catch you off-guard.  Almost immediately, you will notice a rush of euphoria work its way through your mind, telling you that all is right in the world and that you have nothing to worry about.  It can take a while for this to turn into a hazier type of cerebral buzz, but those who are relatively low in tolerance could find it harder and harder to concentrate due to its somewhat introspective nature.

Before long, the physical effects take over.  It starts with a warm and tingly feeling that creeps its way down the spine, and feels absolutely heavenly, like a soothing hug.  Before long, the muscles become heavier and heavier, until you finally feel glued to the couch and uninterested in doing anything but laying back and relaxing.  The strain doesn’t take long to make you feel intensely drowsy, and whether or not you feel somewhat alert can vary from person to person.  For that reason, we again recommend it as a nighttime strain, and one that you enjoy on your own since it’s not the most conducive to socializing.

Forbidden Fruit Flower at Nam Wellness

Nam Wellness Forbidden Fruit THC-O Flower comes in 5 different contain sizes.  These buds consist of the real thing, in a hemp flower bud form, infused with the perfect amount of THC-O-Acetate to provide a deeply gratifying high.  The flower is grown organically here in the United States, is fully untreated, free of additives, and of course, is accompanied by third-party lab results.

Forbidden Fruit: A Powerful Cultivar That Tastes as Good as It Feels!

Forbidden Fruit has it all – mouthwatering flavor, a striking appearance and some of the most sought-after effects associated with cannabis.  Our delta-8 flower gives you nothing but pure satisfaction by offering this strain in its pure and natural form, while also allowing you to savor a glorious delta-8 buzz.  If you’re ready to try this legend of a indica-dominant hybrid, grab some of this flower today and treat yourself with only the finest quality and top-of-the-line freshness.


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