Quick and Easy to Follow Do’s and Don’ts When Using Delta 8 THC

If you’re starting to get into delta 8 THC, then there are certain rules you should follow in order to have the most satisfying high possible.  That being said, these do’s and don’ts are easy to follow, and will prevent you from being disappointed as a first-timer.


Do: Choose Lab-Tested Delta 8 THC

Never, ever buy delta 8 that hasn’t been lab-tested by a third party, with results printed on the company’s website.  Delta 8 must undergo a strict testing process carried out by a state-authorized laboratory, and all brands must make these reports easy to find for customers.  This lab-testing process confirms that the delta 8 is authentic, potent, pure, safe and federally compliant, so look through the reports thoroughly before making a purchase.

Do: Be Picky About the Strain

NAM Wellness’ delta 8 vapes and flower (loose buds and pre-rolls) come in lots of fantastic sativa, indica, and hybrid strains to choose from, each with its own unique terpene profile.  Each strain gets its effects from its terpenes, so one strain can give you a totally different high from another.  Make a point to really investigate the different strains that are available, reading up on each one to find the choice that completely matches your needs, whether that be the right strain for a lazy evening, a restful night or a creative, motivated morning or afternoon.

Do: Go Easy in the Beginning

Don’t make the mistake of taking a huge amount of delta 8 as a beginner.  Without a high tolerance that comes from experience, any intoxicating substance can backfire if it’s taken in too high of a dose.  While you likely won’t be in danger, getting too high because of a low tolerance can lead to anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness and reduced blood pressure.  Follow the directions on the label to take the recommended amount per serving, and increase your dosage gradually as tolerated.

Do: Try Delta 8 THC at Night

Delta 8 is a great cannabinoid thank to its versatility, since its mild high can feel great at any time of day.  But, if you’re a beginner, consider taking it at night for a while because its soothing effects can be particularly potent when your tolerance is low, essentially making you feel sleepy and have a hard time completing tasks. 


Don’t: Take Delta 8 THC if You Have a Drug Test Coming Up

Delta 8 is broken down by the same enzyme that breaks down delta 9 THC, which is THC-COOH.  And, that urine test that employers use isn’t looking for marijuana, but THC-COOH in the urine sample.  What this means is that if you’ve a drug test coming up and you recently took delta 8, you’ll likely test positive, which can threaten your employment.  Wait until after the test to enjoy the cannabinoid.

Don’t: Drive After Taking Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 is an intoxicating substance, and intoxicating substances can make driving very dangerous due to the impairment that they cause.  Driving while high on delta 8 can be harmful to you and others, and it can also get you into trouble with the law, even though delta 8 is a federally legal compound.  Wait until the high wears off before getting behind the wheel.

Don’t: Resist Exploring What’s Out There

Too many people find one delta 8 product they like, and never branch out after that.  The truth is that the market is buzzing with all kinds of fantastic delta 8 products, in different delivery methods, strains, formulas, cannabinoid combos and more.  Hemp is a gentle plant that is easy to experiment with to find different ways to get use out of it.  You may find two delta 8 products that suit you at different times of day, like a sativa product for the morning and an indica at night.  Or, you may find that a vape hits the spot in the morning, and a gummy is perfect for bedtime.

Don’t: Go with the Cheapest Delta 8 THC You Can Find

A huge mistake is finding cheap, low-quality delta 8.  Basically, buying your delta 8 from a gas station is the best way to get disappointed.  Sure, the price may be enticing, but the reality is that you’re probably going to have hemp on your hands that’s not potent enough to give you results, as well as some pretty questionable filler ingredients that you probably don’t want in your body.

Follow These Quick and Easy Tips for Optimal Delta 8 THC Success!

If you’re ready to give delta 8 a try, make sure that you implement each of these rules carefully, because we want every NAM Wellness customer to enjoy the cannabinoid to its fullest potential even on the first try.  Explore our products and choose the one right for you, following each do and don’t above for maximum success.

Also, we want to mention a simultaneous do and don’t: If you’re totally new to delta 8 THC, best to speak with your doctor first, as you don’t want to make a potential mistake of trying delta 8 when it might’ve not been recommended to do so by your physician.  You see, they have access to your medical records/history, and can therefore, make a proper determination if using delta 8, or any cannabinoid for that matter, is an option you can try.


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