Topical CBD Milligram Strength: Which Way Should You Go?

CBD topicals have taken the wellness industry by storm, and for good reason.  They absorb very quickly into the skin, feel uniquely luxurious and most importantly, allow us to apply a concentrated amount of hemp compounds directly to an area of the body that gives us particular trouble. 

One thing that we know about CBD topicals is that like all CBD-infused products, they’re only helpful if the user chooses the proper milligram strength.  For those totally new to the world of CBD, the milligram strength refers to the potency level, and CBD topicals come in a wide array. 

Now, if you’ve been using a CBD topical for a while, you may be wondering if it’s appropriate to change the milligram strength amount that you’re using once you run out of your formula, or simply wish to try out a new product that’s on the market.  Well, today, we will help you figure out whether or not changing the milligram strength of your topical is a good idea.

What Does the Milligram Strength Actually Means When it Comes to Using CBD Topicals?

The milligram strength of a CBD topical relates to a few things that determine your hemp experience.  One is that it determines how potent the effects of the hemp compounds are.  Secondly, it determines how fast-acting the effects are, because stronger potency levels work more quickly. 

You Should Increase Your Topical Milligram Strength If…

…You’re Not Seeing the Results You Want

If you’ve been using a relatively low milligram strength for a while, and it’s not really giving you the desired results, it’s probably time to move up to a higher one.  What’s the perfect potency level for one person will be inadequate for another, as everyone’s body responds to particular potency levels in a different way.

…You’re Interested in Seeing if a Stronger Potency Level Will Bring You Even More Relief

Maybe you simply want to see what happens when you increase the milligram strength, because you’re curious about whether or not you can experience even more relief with hemp. 

…You Want a Faster Activation of CBD

We said that higher milligram strengths also allow the CBD to take effect more quickly, so this is another good reason to consider increasing the potency level.

You Should Decrease Your CBD Milligram Strength If…

…You’re Trying to Save Money

The higher the milligram strength, the more the product will cost, because it contains more hemp compounds per dose.  If you’re on a strict budget, you can try decreasing the milligram strength to see if you still have good results with a lower potency level.

…The Issue You Were Using CBD for is Improving

If you were using a CBD topical for a specific issue that has now passed, you can decrease the milligram strength as a higher potency level may no longer be necessary.

You Should Keep the Milligram Strength the Same if…

…You’re Getting the Desired Results

One reason to choose to keep the milligram strength the same is because it’s working, plain and simple.  If your CBD product’s milligram strength seems to give you the exact results that you desire, there’s no need to adjust it.  As they say, “if it ain’t broke…”

…It’s Within Your Budget

If you’re having good results with the CBD topical that you’ve been using, and you can easily continue to use the product while staying within your allotted budget, then you might as well keep things as they are.  Clearly, the CBD topical’s potency level is satisfying your needs without hurting your wallet, so why change things?

…You Weren’t Being Consistent with Your Usage

Another reason to keep the milligram strength the same is because you weren’t consistently using the last product.  Consistent use leads to better results, so before changing the strength, try making the topical part of your daily routine, using the same amount each day.

Additional Quick Tips When Using CBD Topicals

So, now that you’re aware on when to use less, more, or keep the same CBD topical dosage, below some additional tips you might want to keep in mind.

  1. Spot test CBD topicals on elbows or knees for any adverse reactions, i.e., getting rashes, blisters, or any other skin problems.
  2. Apply in thin layers and reapply after 15-30 minutes if symptoms haven’t improved. Remember the motto: start low, go slow
  3. You can reapply topicals several times, but if you’re still not getting any gains, you may need to find a new CBD topical product.
  4. Certain terpenes within that topical could be good while others may not react well with your skin.
  5. Always apply it to clean and dry skin.
  6. After testing, apply it only to the affected areas.
  7. Avoid apply CBD topicals to broken/cracked skin or even an opened wound unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
  8. Do not apply plastic wraps and heat to the affected area after applying your CBD topical solution, because doing so might usher in adverse effects such as burns or improper absorption of cannabinoids.
  9. Always check a CBD topicals labels and even lab reports, as this ensures the overall quality and safety of that said product.

Final CBD Topical Dosage Thoughts

If you’re ready to purchase a new CBD topical product, use the guide above to figure out whether you should go with a higher milligram strength, a lower milligram strength or the same milligram strength that you’ve been using.  Finding the right milligram strength for a successful hemp experience is a lot of trial and error, but once you find it, you’ll be able to enjoy what hemp is capable of at last. 


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