When is the Best Time to Take Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is the most recognizable of all hemp-derived THC compounds, being the first psychoactive hemp derivative to hit the market, and thus, remaining an extremely sought-after cannabinoid due to its absolutely blissful effects.  It’s also a cannabinoid that has been researched for its potential therapeutic uses, which are just as valuable as its soothing high.

Anyone interested in trying delta 8 THC is likely going to wonder if there’s a particular time of day that’s ideal for a serving of the cannabinoid.  And, the answer is that it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with the cannabinoid, as well as what your tolerance is to its intoxicating effects.  Let’s look at reason why a person might want to take delta 8 THC during the morning, the afternoon, or the night.

Is There a Time When You Shouldn’t Take Delta 8 THC?

Ultimately, there’s really no “wrong” time to take delta 8.  It’s not like taking it in the morning means that you’ll miss out on its effects, or even taking it at night means that you’re in for some major side effects.  Delta 8 is a nontoxic cannabinoid, and its psychoactive properties are about 30% milder than those of delta 9 THC, the star compound in cannabis.  People describe the high as clear-minded, yet relaxing, and great for mellowing out the body and the mind.

One thing that does matter, however, is that each person has a unique tolerance to the cannabinoid’s psychoactive nature.  One person may notice just a mild soothing effect, while someone else may feel incredibly high to the point that they might as well be sedated.  A person’s tolerance comes down to how much THC their body is used to consuming, as well as how sensitive their endocannabinoid system is to delta 8.  On top of that, how much delta 8 you take at one time determines how high you’ll get, which will determine how you feel at the time of day you take it.

All of that being considered, you might want to time your dosage to work with your schedule, if you are particularly sensitive to its intoxicating effects.  For example, you don’t want to take delta 8 before a work meeting if you’re someone who gets really, really high off of the cannabinoid.  And, besides that, driving while under the influence of even a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid is never a good idea.

Generally, however, as long as your body tolerates delta 8 well, taking it at any time of day can improve the way you feel and help you maximize whatever it is you’re doing, whether it be working on a creative project at home, or getting ready for a relaxing night on the couch.

Taking Delta 8 in the Morning

It’s far from uncommon to hear people say that they prefer delta 8 first thing in the morning.  The cannabinoid has a number of properties that can really help you feel your best as you prepare for the day ahead.

Delta 8 and Physical Discomfort

Delta 8 THC, like many cannabinoids, offers a combination of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Analgesics are agents that reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain, through nervous system responses.  Anti-inflammatories bring down our body’s inflammatory response that can cause pain and swelling of the deep tissue of the body. 

Many Americans wake up each day in pain, which can interfere with their ability to fulfill their daily responsibilities, whether they be work-related, social, or related to the home and family.  So, it’s no wonder why delta 8 is actually a popular cannabinoid to take as part of a morning routine.

Delta 8 and Mood

Delta 8 THC works strongly with the CB1 receptors in the brain that regulate our mood and stress response.  Many people report that delta 8 THC makes them feel more optimistic, motivated, and uplifted.  Because of that, the cannabinoid can be a great morning option for getting you into the right headspace to tackle your goals.

Taking Delta 8 in the Afternoon

Delta 8 can be a great afternoon cannabinoid, as we’ve already shown that it can help with physical discomfort and mood, so that you can feel your best both physically and mentally during the middle of the day.  But, there are other properties inherent to the cannabinoid that can come in handy as well.

Delta 8 and Appetite/Nausea

Something that delta 8 THC shares in common with a lot of other cannabinoids is that it works with serotonin levels, which largely dictate our appetite and nausea response.  If you’re someone who struggles with either appetite or nausea during the daytime, taking some delta 8 THC can help get you back on track.

Taking Delta 8 at Night

The majority of delta 8 enthusiasts prefer it as part of their nighttime routine.  We’ve already explained how the cannabinoid is one of the more soothing cannabinoids out there, acting almost as an indica strain in its ability to ease the mind and body. 

Delta 8 and Sleep

A lot of people consider delta 8 THC the last step of their regimen before going to bed.  And, there seems to be a lot of promise in this area.  Delta 8 THC seems to behave as a natural anxiolytic, meaning that it can bring down our stress response to usher us into a blissful, tranquil state.  Naturally, that means that it may be a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, to feel more prepared to shut our eyes and drift off into dreamland. 

Delta 8 and Anxiety

Delta 8’s anxiolytic properties don’t just pertain to bedtime.  Anyone who finds themselves feeling stressed at the end of the day may find a lot of usefulness with delta 8 THC.  Its uniquely soothing high can quiet down mental chatter and help you find a sense of inner peace no matter how overwhelming your day has gotten.

Delta 8 and Physical Discomfort

We already addressed the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of delta 8, and we’re going to bring them up again, because we know that a lot of individuals struggle with discomfort at nighttime, which can prevent them from relaxing, and even falling asleep. 

Delta 8 THC Can Be Taken at Any Time of Day!

The bottom line is that delta 8 THC is a gentle, nontoxic cannabinoid that can be consumed at any time of day, but if you are a beginner, it’s best to stick to a time when you have a clear schedule for a couple of hours.  This way, you have all the space you need to explore what the high feels like for you, without having to rush off to some responsibility that gets in the way.  Once your tolerance to the cannabinoid develops, you can experiment with different times of taking it, as delta 8 can really come in handy morning, noon and night.  And, when you do decide to integrate delta 8 THC into your lifestyle, look no further than the lab-tested, carefully formulated, and highly effective delta 8 products at Nam Wellness.

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