When Should You Switch Up Delta 8 Flavors?

Are you trying to enjoy your NAM Wellness delta 8 THC routine as much as possible?  Well, one key factor to ensure satisfaction is selecting a flavor that agrees with your palate.  But, even the most delicious flavor ever produced can get old after a while, and as a result, you may find yourself less excited about taking that said delta 8 product daily.

In fact, there may even come a point when switching to a new flavor is the best way to ensure that you remain engaged with your delta 8 THC routine.  Fortunately, both delta 8 vapes and delta 8 gummies come in a wide array of flavor options to choose from.

Delta 8 Vapes

Most delta 8 vaping products on the market, such as pre-filled vape cartridges and disposable vapes, don’t get their flavor from added flavoring ingredients, but instead from the naturally occurring terpenes of the hemp plant which’ve been added to the formulas.  Terpenes are compounds that offer properties considered quite useful to the body.  Plus, they even determine the flavor and aroma of the plant.  You see, every strain of hemp has its own distinctive terpene composition, and therefore, each strain has a distinctive taste, such as one that’s fruity and sweet, or creamy and earthy. 

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 gummies get the bulk of their flavor from the flavoring ingredients used to produce the formula.  While they may contain terpenes in different strain options, usually the flavoring added to the formula is stronger.  Gummies come in a nice selection of flavor options to appeal to as large of a variety of palates as possible.  Also, those flavoring ingredients can differ in terms of whether they’re plant-based or artificial.

Question on Every Hemp User’s Mind: When’s it Time to Switch Up Delta 8 Flavors?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong time to switch up the flavor of your delta 8 product, objectively speaking.  It comes down to knowing when your palate would benefit from something new, and you can switch flavors however frequently or infrequently you would like. 

At NAM Wellness, our gummies come in a generous array of fruity tastes, while our vapes provide a wide selection of strains, so that you can always try something new to entice your palate.

Still, there are some good signs to look out for, as you will soon find out here, that can notify when it might be time to try something new.

Changing Up Your Delta 8 Vape Flavor

Sign #1: Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is the result of sensory overload, and results in a temporary but often annoying inability to taste the flavor of your vape.  It can happen if:

  • You are vaping too strong of a flavor.
  • You are just hitting that vape system so much that your senses don’t get a time in-between pulls to rest.

Bottom Line: If a flavor is causing vaper’s tongue to occur frequently, you might want to switch to a new flavor to wake your palate back up.

Sign #2: Boredom with a Flavor

It is perfectly acceptable to change the flavor of your vape because you’re bored with the one you’ve been vaping.  Once you get bored of a flavor, you may be less enthusiastic about vaping delta 8, so changing the flavor is a great way to continue enjoying your vaping sessions.

Sign #3: Too Strong of a Flavor

Sometimes, a particular strain can have a very strong flavor that’s just overwhelming to more sensitive palates.  In this case, choosing a different strain known for having a milder taste can be the way to go.

Sign #4: Terpenes that Don’t Agree with Your Goals

Because terpenes have their own unique properties aside from having a flavor, sometimes you might want to switch to a different vape flavor not because of the taste, but because you’re seeking out different effects from the strain that is being vaped with.

Sign #5: Desire to Explore

Maybe you just want to switch up the flavor of your vape because you’re interested in trying out other strains that are on the market.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that, and this can help you develop a broader understanding of which hemp compounds best suit your particular goals.

Changing Up Your Delta 8 Gummy Flavor

Sign #1: Dietary Changes

Sometimes, switching to a new gummy flavor may be a necessity due to required dietary changes, such as the discovery of an allergy to specific flavoring ingredients, or the desire to switch from gelatin-infused gummies to a vegan formula.

Sign #2: Boredom with a Flavor

If you’re bored with the flavor of your gummies, there is nothing wrong with trying something new.  Gummies come in a rich variety of flavor options, so you can always find something new to excite your palate.

Sign #3: Sweetness Overload

Maybe a specific flavor is cloyingly sweet, and you want to try something that’s a little more mellow and natural-tasting.  In that case, choosing a flavor with less sugar can be a good idea.

Sign #4: Desire to Explore

Again, it’s fine to switch gummy flavors just because you want to try what else is out there.


To Sum It All Up: There is no wrong or right time to change the flavor of your delta 8 gummy or vape, and you can rotate between flavors however often you’d like

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