Which Nam Wellness Delta 8 Flower Strain Should I Choose?

Delta 8 flower has taken the world by storm, offering a legal way to enjoy psychoactive cannabis flower in a wide variety of strain options.  Delta 8 flower takes hemp flower, which naturally yields too little THC to be psychoactive, and infuses it with delta 8 distillate – aka an isolated extract of pure delta 8 THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that’s federally legal, and known for its soothing, relatively mild high. 

Delta 8 flower can be enjoyed in all of the traditional ways – smoking, vaping, making edibles, etc. – but as many of you already know, the strain you choose is very important, because that determines a lot of the effects you’re going to feel. 

Let’s take a look at the variety of strains at Nam Wellness, in order to help you figure out which one’s gonna provide the most personalized bliss.

How Much Does the Strain Really Matter?

A lot of hemp beginners don’t know just how much the strain you select for your delta 8 product can influence your high.  The strain of the plant refers to its cultivar, and each cultivar has a distinctive chemical composition, primarily referring to its terpene profile.  Terpenes are compounds that are bountiful in cannabis, and each terpene has a specific influence on how we feel, both physically and mentally, not to mention the flavor and aroma of the strain.

There are three main types of strains:

  • Sativas are more uplifting, cerebral and energizing.
  • Indicas are more calming and deliver a stronger body high.
  • Hybrids are essentially the combination of indica and sativa but are then sub-classified into the following: indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, indica-leaning, sativa-leaning, or totally balanced (50/50).

Within each strain subtype, find a countless number of options to choose from, and each strain really can give you a very distinctive high.

Nam Wellness has made a point to carefully curate the best selection of strains we could possibly find.  These specific delta 8 flower strains can currently be purchased, so you know what each one can offer in terms of its flavor and its effects.

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango is a dreamy option for when you’re ready to unwind after a long, tiring and stressful day.  For one thing, its flavor profile is truly to die for, with notes of fresh, juicy mangoes beneath a blanket of creamy and smooth vanilla.  As for the effects it can deliver, you’re in for an unbelievably soothing sensation for both the body and mind, with the muscles feeling warm and tingly, and the mind slowing down into a state of incredible ease.  This strain can give you couchlock, which is why a lot of people enjoy it at bedtime.

Sweet Diesel

A 70% indica-dominant hybrid, Sweet Diesel is the result of crossing OG Kush with Sour Diesel.  And, for anyone who knows their cannabis, that’s quite an impressive family tree, as these are two of the most sought-after legends of all time.  In terms of its flavor, you’re in for a pungently skunky and sweet taste, and before long, the cerebral effects will knock you off your feet.  People report intense euphoria, and even describe the high as slightly trippy, all while couchlock is almost an inevitably – so get cozy, because you’ll likely be glued to the couch for a while with this one.

Banana Haze

With a 70% indica/30% sativa profile, Banana Haze belongs to the iconic “Haze” family of dreamy, cerebral cultivars.  As you may have guessed, its flavor is predominantly that of sweet, creamy banana, with hints of sour citrus to brighten things up.  It’s the ultimate “lazy night” strain, for when you want to just veg out on the couch, forgetting whatever stress may be weighing you down, and beyond that, it can deliver a deep sense of relief to the muscles as it can relieve all of that tension you’ve been accumulating throughout the day.

Lemon Trainwreck

Lemon Trainwreck is an all-time classic, with a sativa-dominant profile that never fails to delight the senses with notes of bright, zesty and sweet lemons, paired with aromatic notes of fresh pine.  It’s also a strain that’s perfect for when you’re going to be social, since it can make you feel more talkative and gigglier, all while giving a mood boost that’s beyond belief.  At the same time, you’re treated to a head-to-toe body buzz that’s not likely to cause couchlock to any degree, but also can make you feel like your body is warm and tingly.

Galaxy Grape

Galaxy Grape is a 70% sativa/30% indica hybrid, with a flavor that’s “out of this world”, bringing together sweetly luscious grapes with juicy n’ zesty oranges.  Being so heavy on the sativa side, this strain can make you feel uplifted, and even euphoric, with an enhanced sense of concentration, motivation and creativity.  It’s the perfect afternoon high for when you want to mellow your mood yet stay productive.

Girl Scout Cookie

Easily, one of the most sought-after strains in cannabis history is Girl Scout Cookie, a beloved 60% sativa/40% indica hybrid known for its smooth, balanced, and intensely relieving effects.  The flavor alone is reason to try it, as it promises a nutty cookie-like taste along with notes of juicy cherries, fresh lemons, and mint, along with hints of creamy vanilla undertones.  If your mouth isn’t watering, then you will certainly be enticed by the profound sense of ease and calm it can bring to the body and mind, making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, far away from the worries of your daily life.  If we could describe GSC with one word, it would be “bliss”.

Try All of These High-Quality Strains at Nam Wellness

One of the best things about delta 8 flower is that it lets us enjoy that signature delta 8 high while customizing it based on the strain that we choose.  That means that you can find a strain that suits your needs exactly, to seek out the effects that you desire the most.  At Nam Wellness, we’ve made a point to source these top-shelf strains that’re each renowned for their distinctive terpene profiles, which each promise to give you a sense of unbelievable ease and satisfaction in their own special way.

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