Why Choose Delta 8 Carts Over Delta 8 Pods?

Delta 8 THC comes in various delivery method, but delta 8 vapes reign supreme, offering a super fasting-acting and potent way to feel this cannabinoid in action.  There are different types of delta 8 vaping products on the market, and both delta 8 vape carts and pods are quite popular due to their user-friendly nature.  But, of these two, one is the clear winner for hemp vapers who desire only the most reliable, high-quality, and customizable products available.

What are Delta 8 Vape Carts?

Delta 8 vape cartridges (vape carts) are small cylindrical glass cartridges containing a delta 8 vape oil and a coil that heats the liquid to turn it into vapor.  These cartridges have a 510-threaded connection at their base which allows them to screw into any vaping device with the same type of/compatible connection.

What are Delta 8 Vape Pods?

Delta 8 vape pods are small pod-shaped cartridges usually made from a plastic material, which also contain a vape oil as well as a coil.  These pods either snap into a device or attach magnetically.

What Do Delta 8 Carts and Delta 8 Pods Have in Common With One Another?

Even though their names sound different, as they’re vaping products after all, each does have a few similarities that users should still want to know.

Similarity #1: They’re Both Pre-Filled

One convenience of both of these products is that they come already filled with delta 8 e-liquid so that the user doesn’t have to fill them manually.  Once the e-liquid runs out, instead of refilling them the entire piece is replaced with a fresh one.

Similarity #2: Both Come in Different Strains, Strengths, Etc.

Delta 8 pods and carts come in a variety of strain options, which allows users to be selective about the effects that they feel based on the terpenes that are combined with the delta 8.  Furthermore, both of these products come in different sizes, and can contain different ingredients based on the decisions of the manufacturer.

Similarity #3: Each Can Be Used with Rechargeable Devices

Both delta 8 pods and cartridges are used with rechargeable devices that are meant to last for a long time. 

  • Pods are used with pod mods, which are usually slim, low-wattage devices with no output settings.
  • Vape carts are used with vape pens that are more advanced, with variable output while still being portable.

Similarity #4: User-Friendliness

Delta 8 vape carts and pods were developed to supply a user-friendly manner for vaping delta 8 THC throughout the day.  Like we mentioned, ones that are pre-filled and disposable require no maintenance, while still being compatible with incredibly user-friendly hardware that doesn’t stipulate any major operating of technical equipment.

What Makes Delta 8 Vape Carts a Better Option?

Now, here’s where those similarities end, as it’s time to go over the five primary reasons why delta 8 vape cartridges are known to be superior to delta 8 pods.  Keep in mind, too, that it is important to consider all of the factors below, since they each impact in your ability to feel satisfied with your delta 8 vaping setup.

Reason #1: Their Size and Shape

Delta 8 carts are cylindrical rather than pod-shaped, which may enhance airflow by creating a thin channel through which air can work its way through the equipment.  Also, most cartridges hold more e-liquid than pods, containing on average 1ml while pods usually contain half that, although exceptions do exist.

Reason #2: Their Compatibility with Vaping Devices

Delta 8 vape carts are compatible with any 510-threaded vape pen device, because the cartridges themselves have this connection at their base.  This is a screw-like device that enables the cartridge to be compatible with a huge range of devices that are on the market.  Basically, 510-threaded vape pen devices are usually more advanced, and so, are sometimes accompanied by adjustable settings – making them perform at a better, reliable level, due to utilizing  higher-quality materials and technology. 

Meanwhile, vape pods are only compatible with very specific pod mods, because the connection they have is unique and designed to fit just one type of hardware device.  This means that if you go the pod route, you’re gonna be very limited when it comes to the hardware you can choose, which can be tough if you are looking for specific features or designs, or if you feel that the pod mod that’s compatible with your cartridge isn’t actually giving you the experience you’re looking for based on its limitations.

Reason #3: Product Selections

Delta 8 carts are more popular than pods, which is why you’re more likely to find a huge array of options when shopping for them.  So, you will find a greater selection of strains, quantities of e-liquid and specific ingredients simply because there are far more delta 8 carts being made than delta 8 pods.  Essentially, you can get way more involved in your unique hemp-based vaping experience by controlling a number of factors that influence how the delta 8 THC feels, and how you enjoy your overall vaping routine.

Reason #4: How They Perform

In general, delta 8 vape carts perform better than pods.  For one thing, they’re made with higher-quality materials and methods that make them far less likely to leak or clog, as these two issues are more common with pods.  Not to mention, with pods, you’re more likely to get duds either due to poor general construction or faulty connections at their bases, which are flimsier than 510-threaded connections.  This means that with cartridges, you’ll enjoy a more reliable and consistent vape.

Reason #5: How They’re Constructed

Speaking of material construction, delta 8 vape pods are constructed from cheaper materials such as certain types of plastics.  While the plastic materials are unlikely to melt during the vaping process, plastic is known to leech materials into the vapor itself which can alter its flavor in a negative way, and not everyone is thrilled about the possibility of inhaling trace chemicals into the lungs.

Delta 8 vape carts on the other hand, are made from durable glass and stainless steel, which makes them much more durable and higher in quality.  Adding to that, the glass and steel do not leech materials into the vapor, nor do they have any kind of impact on your flavor. 

Meanwhile, even the coils inside vape cartridges are made from better materials, such as ceramic which improves flavor, vapor production and smoothness of vapor.

Reason #6: Overall Coil Technology

Speaking of coils now, the coils in pods and cartridges are aimed to heat the e-liquid when fed power from the pen’s battery.  However, the coils inside carts are made from finer materials such as ceramic for instance.  Ceramic retains heat better for improved flavor and smoother vapor production.  Also, since the coils are higher in quality and use CCELL technology, the chances of them to ‘burn out’ prior to the e-liquid being finished is simply reduced.  Pods on the flip side of this, can experience burn out, regardless of whether or not it’s attached to an opened system or closed system.

Delta 8 Vape Carts: The Winning Choice for Vaping Delta 8 THC!

Clearly, delta 8 vape cartridges are superior to vape pods in a number of ways.  So, if you wanna introduce delta 8 vapes into your routine, check out the awesome selection of NAM Wellness vape carts, which are among the highest-quality on the market.  NAM Wellness supplies delta 8 vape carts constructed from the finest materials, using advanced coil designs while being available in your favorite hemp strains.

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