Delta 8 Small Bud Oz

Delta 8 Small Bud Oz

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Our Delta 8 Small Bud Ounces have all of the same premium quality flower as our other products, but in in popcorn-sized buds! Densely packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, they deliver all of the effects that you’re looking for, consisting of pure, raw hemp flower infused with delta 8 distillate and dusted in a light coating of kief, the super potent dust that comes naturally off of the plant’s resinous, terpene-rich trichomes. 

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Choose Your Preferred Strain

Our small buds come in a generous choice of strains so that you can make sure you get the specific effects that you’re looking for when you smoke delta 8 flower. We proudly offer only top-shelf cultivars that are both renowned for their effects and their flavor.

Premium Quality

Our flower is grown organically, by domestic hemp farmers who know how to yield the very best flower in the United States. It’s double-lab-tested and free of pesticides, and always sold fresh for maximum impact.

A Gratifying Delta 8 Buzz

Our flower is infused with pure delta 8, so that you can savor an uplifting yet relaxing psychoactive high with each and every smoking session.

Customer Reviews

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IMO the popcorn sized nugs with d8 are better than the large buds, no stems and seem to have a better coating of the distillate. its a win win, price and effect.


PE small buds

small bud

Awesome! pack well for travel. Work great.

J. Fay

Delta 8 Small Bud Oz

Wiliam Sexton
Shockingly good

Shockingly good and great for your value.