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Banana Haze - Delta 8 THC Flower
Banana Haze - Delta 8 THC Flower

Banana Haze - Delta 8 THC Flower

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Our Banana Haze Delta 8-Infused Flower starts with top-shelf, premium, indoor-grown CBD Flower. It is then infused with our top-of-the-line delta 8 THC extract, and then dusted with very potent kief that falls naturally off of the plant’s resinous trichomes. The end result is a very dense, fruity/sour-smelling bud that will leave you feeling DEEPLY relaxed. Delta 8 is ideal for reducing anxiety and sharp pains.  Can also help with appetite stimulation. Our Banana Haze is one of the highest quality Delta 8 flower strains on the market. 

Banana Haze

Banana Haze is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid with a deliciously sweet and sour fruity taste, which is perfect for a lazy night when you want to relax on the couch. Its ability to ease the mind and body is nothing short of profound.

Top-Shelf, Organic Flower

Our flower comes from experienced hemp farmers here in the United States, and it’s grown organically to be totally free of pesticides. All of our flower undergoes a strict third-party lab-testing process.

Delta 8 Like Never Before

Because we infuse our flower with pure delta 8 distillate, each puff provides a psychoactive kick that can help you feel more blissful than ever.


Delta 8 is a legal form of THC. These buds are compliant with the 2018 Farm bill and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. 

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Rodrigues

I loved it!

Very relaxing strain Banana Haze

I like to use this when it's close to bedtime, or on days I have nothing to do but relax.I have a lot of nerve damage in my knees and hips from a tractor trailer crash.It works very well.Great product.


Don't recall which one that was. And last night I tried to order but it failed to to shippingg three times so i gave up.

Turkey Mill
A Bunch-a-bananas

Quality and Quantity. Strong and complements a high THC flower .JS, one you break the bud open and see all the white stars inside. Used with some Grapes and some Cookies 🤩🤩🙌

Smoke Hemp
A new favorite. 🍌 ☁️

I feel like this strain taught me what it means to be hazy. Smokes -great- if you like hazy smokes, which I do, like Hawaiian Haze, Purple Haze, Super Sour Haze. The fruityness is nice without being overpowering. I’ve enjoyed combining this with strains like Wedding Cake, Fruitcake, and Hawaiian Kush #2. Also goes great with Platinum Haze.