Delta 8 THC Flower Sample pack

Delta 8 THC Flower Sample pack

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Our Delta 8 Flower Sample pack is the perfect way to try all of our Top-Shelf D8 Flower strains to find your favorite, or get two grams for a great value! This is a good product to start your journey with Delta 8. Find your favorite strain and load up

Each pack contains well over 1 gram of our Raspberry OG KUSH, WaterMelon Skittles, Headband Og, Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express and now Tropicana Cookies

 6 strains total on orders after 6pm eastern time 7-14-2021

This product is supported under the 2018 farm bill section 7606 and compliant with all current US laws

Customer Reviews

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Positive Experience

I am enjoying the Delta 8 Flower Sample pack that I got a little while back. I suffer from chronic back, hip, and joint pain. The flowers relax me to the point that the pain, while still there, is bearable. I sleep better when I want to, have a more enjoyable day, or stay up late and catch a game depending on the choice of flavor. This is a fantastic way to experience multiple products at a reasonable price.

Debra. Johnson. Harris
Happy's place a beautiful place to be if your heart is open to come and join us

I'm always sad lately I'm using very happy and smiley I just want to put a smile on my face again thank you for your help and your servicesNAM15

A great variety 6 pack.

So far the Wedding Cake is my favorite. I have tried 4 of the flavors so far and they are all good. I have tried RO, WC, PE & TC. They all taste different & they all weighed 1.2 grams each. So you get 7 grams in the variety 6 pack. I even went back to NAM and ordered my best friend the variety 6 pack & 5 grams of THCO. The people at NAM are great to work with.

John Bear
Delta 8 effective

Indeed I have chronic pain with insomnia and these strains are very effective for both issues. Watermelon it at the top the others are extremely effective.Thanks NAM!

Lora L Castellano
Really Surprised How Good this was and quick to get

I have major sleep issues and pain in my neck and shoulder from a cancer operation about 7 years ago. Cancer is gone but movement and pain is still in my shoulder and neck. I used to by CBD products when I lived in the city. now I am in the country with no way to get any help or relief. Finding this product has been a blessing. So surprised that it helped relax me so I could fall asleep better and stay asleep. Thank you NAM.