CBD Flower Sampler Pack

CBD Flower Sampler Pack

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Can’t decide which hemp flower strain is right for you? Look no further! Our Flower Sampler Pack is the perfect way to try out all four of our fantastic CBD strains at once. It includes four best-selling hemp cultivars so that you can pick and choose depending on your mood and learn for yourself what it is that you want out of your hemp experience.

Excellent Strain Selection

We go to great lengths to bring you the finest strains that the hemp world has to offer, knowing that each one delivers its own dreamy flavor profile, aroma and hybrid, indica or sativa effects. Each sampler pack includes a full gram of the following strains:


Jet Fuel

Guava Gelato

Key Lime Pie

Platinum Haze CBG


Only the Finest Flower, Period 

We go to enormous lengths to ensure that our flower is the most flavorful and effective on the market. It all begins with experienced hemp farmers who grow their crops locally, while using organic growing methods to ensure that the product contains zero pesticides or other unwanted additives. The flower is dry-cured, hand-trimmed, and sold fresh and flavorful following an extensive double-third-party-testing process that guarantees exceptional purity 

**This product along with every other product sold on this website is Federally Legal hemp supported by the 2018 Farm Bill section 7606.**

All products are lab tested for quality and potency. THIS IS A CBD PRODUCT

Customer Reviews

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michael chaussy

I died and whet to Haeven I love your product the price and you deliver to my door I Cannot ask for more.

product review

nice product you all are true to your word on quality .. however shipping seems to be a problem thanks to the US postal service ...

Sami adams

Arrived next day! 10/10 product

Jeff smith
New strains are fire!

Arrived 1 day early!! Amazing company


Absolutely amazing. All smell great, look great. Make me feel amazing. I’ve been enjoying it mixed in with my joints and it gives me the best high.