Delta 8 Flower Shake (1 Ounce)

Delta 8 Flower Shake (1 Ounce)

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Our ounces of shake pack in all the NAM quality of our premium Delta 8 Hemp flower, while saving you money and time grinding it up. 


-Rolling D8 Joints

-Infusing into baked goods

-infusing into extracts/creams


**This product is 50 State Federally Legal Hemp. This product along with every product on THIS website is compliant with the 2018 Farm bill Section 7606**

Customer Reviews

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Mark Conard
I got the 1 ounce of shake and I love it...

My favorite is the Pineapple haze... A great deal, and good product!

Good product and fast service.

I tried the Wedding Cake and I am very happy. I got a really good buzz. It is not a Delta 9 buzz, it is different but really awesome to me. I used Delta 9 for over 50 years but moved to a state where it is not legal so I tried this. It has the same "munchy magic" effect where everything tastes wonderful. I get a real calm, peaceful, easy feeling that is awesome. Puts me in a place where listening to music is so much more fun and engaging. No anxiety or depression at all. GONE! Worth the price just for that. I never got any medical benefits from CBD, just didn't do a thing for me this however is very noticeable. I am sleeping much better, with an improved appetite, elevated mood, and much less pain. This has no side effects except a little dry mouth. Yea, it's a party! Thanks, NAM!

Ted Brook
Excellent Product & Price

All the "flavors" are favorites.

Jeanette Noel
Stress Relief

Blue Dream Frost and Alien OG is the best so far. Alien OG gives me a relaxing feeling. It's also a pain reliever and helps with sleeping. Blue Dream Frost is another one of my favorites too.