THC-O Flower Sample Pack
THC-O Flower Sample Pack

THC-O Flower Sample Pack

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Want to give THCO a try, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. Our THCO Flower Sample Pack gives you the ability to try out a number of premium strains all at once, making you feel like the world of this cannabinoid is at your fingertips. Our THCO Flower Sample pack is the perfect way to try out all four of our amazing THCOO Flower strains. Each sample pack contains over a gram of:

Forbidden Fruit THC-O Flower

Mimosa THC-O Flower

Strawberry Gelato THC-O Flower

Diamond Haze THC-O Flower

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Each strain is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique terpene profile that lends itself to a distinctive mouthwatering flavor and aroma, as well as unique effects that can each satisfy your needs in a different way.

Top-Shelf Quality

Our flower consists of raw, organically grown and locally sourced hemp flower buds that have been carefully infused with our pure, federally compliant and lab-tested THCO distillate. This means that each puff can deliver a powerful intoxicating effect that’s 3 times as potent as that of delta 9 THC. Be wary that the high is very powerful, and so you may want to clear your schedule.

**This product, along with every product on this website is federally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill section 7606***

Customer Reviews

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My first purchase from NAM

Ive smoked bud since I was 12 yrs of age. I'm now 55 & " Still Smoking". Medical of course isn't as strong as what you get on streets due to being hemp, but I've had some pretty good medicinal strains from our dispensary. I love that your company provides all the #s & proof of lab testing. That's very important to me, especially in these times. The provided letter for Law Enforcement is a 1st! Awesome!!!! I know of no other company that actually trys to watch your back either. Again freakin' Awesome! & This Strawberry Gelato THC-O is Damn Awesome!!! Lol! I only got a gram to see if NAM puts their money where their mouth mouth is? & You guys definitely know your trade & I'm impressed with my whole first experience ordering from you. You go above & beyond any other company I've delt we with over the years. IM IN! 100%!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL. SO FAR YOUR DESCRIPTIONS OF WHAT A CUSTOMER IS CHOOSING IS SPOT ON. NO Exaggeration of product.!!! Hell I'm smoking some now to see if the strawberry gelato THC-O is really that good? Flavor, potency, moisture, ect, & I'll be damned. This s***s the f***** bomb in every way for being hemp derived Mary Jane!!! 1st time customer from here on out . Be hitting you guys up soon. I think you guys are the best! Hands down!!!

Flower sampler

Very fast shipping, high quality flower, & accurate descriptions. We've found certain strains to help with chronic pain, inflammation, stress, & anxiety. Nam is worth a try!

Share my name? Not a good idea.
Nice variety of strains

The Strawberry Gelato was one I would look for

Happy Customer
Consistently excellent

I have been ordering from NAM for a couple of years now and I am always impressed with their level of customer service and quality products. The THC-O flower is yet another great product. It provides a good, relaxing high and a great nights sleep which is my primary purpose of using NAM products. I highly recommend all NAM products (the delta 9 gummies are THE best).

Great effects for the money

This sample pack from the 2 days ive smoked it, the product is strong you just have to give time for effects to kick in, kinda too stong i couldnt stay awake was too baked after about 6 hits but the better it is the more duration time for the effects, most products are cut with hella delta 8 but this thc o from my experience was the real deal now 3 times as potent as regular thc delta 9 is up the individual i personally like the product but each to thier own.