Tropical Mango - Delta 8 THC Flower
Tropical Mango - Delta 8 THC Flower

Tropical Mango - Delta 8 THC Flower

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Tropical Mango, is a 75% indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its mouthwatering fruity flavor profile of rich mangos and smooth vanilla. It’s a deeply soothing strain that can slow down your negative thoughts and numb your muscles.

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Top-Shelf, Organic Buds

We proudly use organically grown, pesticide-free flower that’s cultivated by experienced farmers in the United States. Our top-shelf quality is verified by third-party lab reports.

A Pure Delta 8 High

Because our flower is infused with delta 8 THC, you can count on a mellowing psychoactive buzz that makes you feel completely at ease from head to toe.


Delta 8 is a legal form of THC. These buds are compliant with the 2018 Farm bill and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Turkey Mill
It was crazy good quality!!

It was something else. I felt and smelt great with different combinations I was able to grind up and get real relief and relaxing buzzes happening.The flowers were so awesome and fruity scented like my container still smells like a juice company made the pretty sticky Crystally ,moist dense buds. Just that taste when you exhale makes a huge difference between THIS and other plants on the market that are not such quality.I will be ordering more products. Also these guys got my order to me speedy as hell, I couldn't believe I ordered it Sunday and was smoking Wednesday evening after work. Long lasting cerebral high 🙌

Raspberry OG Kush 5 Stars

I bought the variety 6 pack. This was my first time trying NAM. I am so happy that I did. I like that there really is 6 different flavors and that each flavor weighed 1.2 grams. The Raspberry OG Kush is very good. NAM Delivers on what they say. They are a very good company in every way.

John Bear

A hydrated tasty flower with mild hallucinogenic activity. Was buzzed after 2 bowls with non toxic flOwer. NAM strikes another home run. Thank you NAM always appreciated.

Frosty, Fruity, Potent

I was looking for flower that was hydrated, frosty, with a fruity but potent smell, and this definitely hit the spot, as did the Tropicana Cookies.
All I need now, is to try the Pineapple Express and maybe that Forbidden Fruit! Thanks for being in business, I appreciate the quality NAM!

Bass Bluesplayer
Plesently surprised and instant loyal customer.

First of all I wish to say this is my first experience with delta 8, heck it was my first experience with hash flower of any kind. It was a very smooth smoke start to finish. It’s smoother than a light filtered cigarette. I liked the smell and taste. It smells sort of piney and slightly skunky. It has a mellow flavor and leaves a slight raspberry after taste. Kind of like raspberry kool-aid. The after taste increases with a sweet drink like a soda or sweet tea. A little too much so for my taste.

Now for effects……

1.,Right after 1/8g bowl #1 I was PO’d that I got suckered in and ripped off. 10 minutes later I could feel calming waves wash over my body. Not a body rush mind you…. Just waves of calm relaxation. It's hard to describe the proper words evade me..
2.,Bowl #2 totally melted away my earlier bad mood and by the time it was gone I was extremely relaxed and in a great mood.
3.,For the next 2 hours my head was clear and I had a slight buzz (very slight). But I enjoyed the very relaxed feeling. Is this what normal humans feel like? It’s nice.
4.,It’s been 3 hours now and I just realized that I feel no pain whatsoever. I have been in a huge amount of pain in my hands, ankle, back, and knees all week. My pain level dropped from a bad 7 down to a livable 2. But my mind is and has been completely clear the whole time.

I love this stuff, I can’t wait to get my first good night of sleep in a very long time tonight.