Does Taking Delta 8 THC Affect Your Breath?

When we talk about delta 8 THC’s effects, we usually mention words like “blissful”, “soothing”, and “uplifting.  Delta 8 can be all of these things and more, but there’s another effect that you may experience when taking the cannabinoid, which is some level of change to your breath.  Although this is short-lived, it may make you feel self-conscious, especially, if you’re gonna be socializing while delta 8 is active in your body.

Delta 8 THC and Dry Mouth: What’s the Actual Connection?

The most commonly reported side effect of delta 8 THC, along with most cannabinoids, is dry mouth, which is often referred to as “cotton mouth”.  It’s the sensation of lacking moisture in the mouth, which directly comes from a lack of saliva production.  Understanding why this occurs requires taking a closer look at the nature of cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids such as delta 8 THC, along with delta 9 THC, and CBD (cannabidiol), work by binding to cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) in the body, with each receptor being in charge of regulating the function of an individual process.  When cannabinoids bind to these receptors, chemical reactions occur that change the manner in which each process operates. 

So, cannabinoids can bind to CB receptors within the salivary glands, and this is especially true of THC cannabinoids, which seem to have a particular affinity to this process of the body.  The result is often a temporary reduction in saliva production, which lasts for about as long as the psychoactive effects of the delta 8.  This causes the mouth to become dry, and this can directly affect your breath.

Now, the reason why dry mouth can lead to bad breath is due to the lack of saliva, thus allowing odor-causing bacteria in the mouth to thrive.  We take for granted the fact that saliva is constantly washing away bacteria that could otherwise accumulate along the oral tissue and lead to an unpleasant smell. 

Note: Because this effect is so temporary, you really don’t need to worry about implications pertaining to long-term oral health.

How Much Delta 8 THC You Consume Makes a Difference

Naturally, the more delta 8 THC you consume, the stronger the effects will be, including those that impact saliva production.  What this means is that if you take a particularly high milligram strength or dosage amount of delta 8, dry mouth is likely going to be more noticeable. 

The Delta 8 THC Delivery Method Makes a Difference, Too

The delivery method that you’re using to introduce delta 8 into the body also has an impact.  For instance, delta 8 vapes are more likely to cause some effect on your breath for a couple of reasons.  One is that the effects of vaping delta 8 are more condensed due to the high bioavailability of this delivery method, meaning that the effects are not only felt quickly, but more strongly as well.  Therefore, the effects on your breath are also more potent along with all of the other properties associated with the cannabinoid.

Secondly, vaping can be mildly dehydrating to the oral tissue, again in a very temporary way.  Combining this with the impact delta 8 has on saliva production, and you’re more likely to experience dry mouth in a way that contributes to effects on your breath.

Meanwhile, delta 8 gummies deliver effects that are more spread out over time, taking up to 2 hours to be felt while lasting for up to 8.  The effects of gummies and other edibles are also considered to be subtler than those associated with inhalation-based methods.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that most users report that they experience milder cotton mouth when consuming gummies compared to vaping the cannabinoid.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients in Your Delta 8 Product

Remember, other ingredients in a delta 8 product may impact your breath as well.  For example, flavored gummies may cause the aroma of the flavor profile to linger on your breath for a short period after consumption, which may or may not be desirable depending on the ingredients.  It can be pleasant for your breath to smell like, say, delicious fruit, but if a gummy is enhanced with, say, vitamins including fish oil, this could negatively affect your breath, at least temporarily.

The Impact of Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds in hemp that determine the strain of the plant, as well as its flavor and aroma.  Each terpene has a unique smell to it, with some terpenes smelling like pine, some smelling like citrus, and even some smelling like diesel or hops.  If you’re consuming a terpene-rich delta 8 product orally, your breath may smell like the terpenes in the product for a short while.

Delta 8 Flower and Your Breath

Probably the one delta 8 product that is most likely to affect your breath is flower that’s smoked.  Why?  Well, because smoke is a heavy and dense byproduct that carries aroma molecules very potently and effectively.  This in turn, causes your breath to smell strongly of that which you’ve just consumed.

What Can You Do Them if a Delta 8 Product Affects Your Breath?

What’s fortunate is that the impacts of a delta 8 product on your breath are generally very easy to remedy.  First of all, if the cause is dry mouth, then simply drink some water.  This will take the place of saliva in your mouth by washing away the bacteria that is accumulating in the mouth and causing an odor to occur.  Whenever you plan on consuming delta 8 THC, make sure you have some water nearby.

Secondly, you can always use some mouthwash if your breath is really affected by your delta 8 consumption.  Mouthwash effectively kills germs and odors to make your breath as fresh as possible.

Ultimately, delta 8 THC has a distinctive effect on saliva production that’s hard to avoid, and that’s not even talking about the smells of terpenes and other ingredients found in delta 8 products.  But, once again, there are ways to manage this effect, such as being mindful of your dosage and making a point of drinking water when this cannabinoid is active in the body.

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