Which Nam Wellness THCO Flower Strain Should I Choose

THCO-Acetate is one of the most sought-after hemp derivatives available right now, and it’s easy to see why.  The cannabinoid’s powerful potency, which is about 3x that of delta 9 THC, means that users are in for an unforgettable high.  Also is known for its euphoric effects, and even can induce mild visual-based psychedelic effects that separate this cannabinoid from the others we get out of the hemp plant.

At Nam Wellness, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our THCO Flower, which offers up some of the highest-quality flower around, in a fresh selection of carefully curated hemp strains.  And, with each strain offering such distinctively satisfying effects, we want to offer an in-depth look at each one that you can select on our website.

Nam Wellness THCO Flower Lets You Enjoy the Power of Hemp Like Never Before!

Nam Wellness THCO Flower takes it to the next level to deliver the cleanest, most effective, and most enjoyable THCO experience possible.  It all begins with the raw hemp flower buds, which are derived from local, organic farms, free of pesticides and other toxins.  Because our flower is sourced locally, it’s guaranteed to be fresh, flavorful, and full of potent cannabinoids and terpenes.

From there, we infuse it with our THCO distillate, which is an ultra-purified extract of the THCO cannabinoid.  This way, every flower bud contains a meaningful amount of THCO to deliver its high whether you choose to vape, smoke, or cook with our product.

Why Does the Strain Matter?

Lots of people it seems, overlook just how much the strain of a hemp-based product can affect your overall experience.  Each strain represents a cultivar of cannabis, with its own distinctive profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.  We know that each cannabinoid and terpene that naturally occurs in cannabis brings its own properties that affect how we feel, so a strain’s dominant compounds have a major influence over the nature of your high.

There are three types of strains:

  • Sativa strains are more uplifting and cerebrally stimulating.
  • Indica strains are more relaxing and body-oriented.
  • Hybrid strains are somewhere in between.

Nam Wellness as placed tremendous effort into handpicking each strain carefully, taking into consideration with ones would best complement the powerful effects of THCO itself.

Nam Wellness THCO Flower Strains

Now for the exciting part, looking at these phenomenal strains, each having their own unique profile of desirable chemical compounds naturally found in the hemp plant.

Forbidden Fruit Strain

A 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid, Forbidden Fruit is beloved both for its flavor and its effects.  It offers the taste of freshly cut, sweet fruits, with prominent notes of juicy, ripe berries and sugar-sprinkled lemon slices.  The high begins with a burst of euphoric bliss, putting you in a good mood while you find yourself smiling and giddy.  Then comes a powerful stoned sensation that makes your mind dazed while your limbs feel heavier and heavier, until you’re almost inevitably in a couch-locked state, without a care in the world.  Perfect evening strain because it can very well make you feel knocked out.

Mimosa Strain

Mimosa is a sought-after hybrid with a 70% sativa/30% indica profile, and its flavor profile truly lives up to the name, with a sweet citrusy note accented by plump, freshly picked berries.  Tropical fruit undertones add to the complexity of the flavor, making it worth trying for its taste alone.  The high is known for being relatively clear-minded, making it an excellent daytime strain, and many people say that it gives them a boost of energy, focus, alertness, sociability, and creativity.  At the same time, a warm and fuzzy sensation washes over the muscles, making you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket as you move throughout your day.

Diamond Haze Strain

Diamond Haze is a 75% indica/25% sativa hybrid with an “old-school” flavor profile of sharp, citrusy lemons and pungent diesel, reminiscent of all-time classic cultivars.  It’s the type of strain that knocks out any negativity or uneasiness in your mind, quieting the mental chatter while sweeping you away with a wave of euphoric bliss and total ease.  You’ll feel like you’re at peace with the world around you as the lifting sensation takes you higher and higher, all while your body succumbs to full tranquility from head-to-toe. 

Strawberry Gelato Strain

With its dreamy taste and powerful effects, Strawberry Gelato is a clear crowd-pleaser.  It’s a 70% indica, 30% sativa hybrid, with the mouthwatering taste of sweet and juicy strawberries and cherries blended with succulent cream.  The high begins with a lifting feeling in the mind that boosts your mood and makes you forget about whatever was bothering you moments earlier.  Simultaneously, a warm and tingly feeling works its way along every muscle, allowing you to feel a sense of ease within the body.  The cerebral effects become hazier and hazier until you eventually feel like you’re in the clouds, and even erupt into fits of giggles.

Can’t Decide?  Try Our THCO Flower Sample Pack

New to THCO flower.  No problem.  If you’re having a hard time choosing just one of these four top-shelf strains, our THCO Flower Sample Pack provides you with a smaller quantity of all 4, so that you can explore each one and enjoy its flavor and effects, one at a time.  Providing over 1 gram of flower total, it’s the perfect way to try these strains out for yourself, and see which ones capture what it is you want out of your THCO experience.

Find the Perfect Strain at Nam Wellness

Nam Wellness continues supply the absolute finest THCO Flower possible, with some of the purest THCO distillate on the market.  Each of the 4 strains that we carry is capable of bringing you into a state of absolute bliss, with a high that’s totally one-of-a-kind.  And, each strain is grown organically, by local hemp farmers, to deliver the top-shelf quality that you deserve.

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